Monday, 4 April 2011

I Wonder (Theme,Persona and Moral Values)


Children have so many questions to ask especially to close person such as parents or siblings.They wonder about so many things and they are hoping to get answers for each curiosity. As elders,we usually ignore the questions for most of time as the questions seem irrational and did not make any sense.However,such act makes children wonder more.


Nature is immensely amazing but most of us do not realize that fact as we are busy with our own thing.If we take just few moments to stop and look at the nature,then we will realize how beautiful they are.This poem actually urge human being to take few moments and think about the beauty of our nature.
The persona of the poem:
  • The persona is the voice in the poem (the person who might say the lines in the poem)
  • The persona might be an inquisitive child who observes the world around him.

Moral values : (What can we learn from the poem)

  • There is an existence of God
  • Care for our environment 
  • We must have a strong desire to learn a lot of knowledge. 

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